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Celtic Cur Behavior & Training will:


Help you gain the peace of mind that comes with the confidence of knowing that your dog is the best he/she can be.

The assurance that if troubles arise in the future YOU will have the knowledge to stop them in their tracks!!

And to be available to help if you ever have the need.

Utilizing force free clicker training the most effective method available for

Behavior Modification and Training.


Robin McHale Ehn; CPDT-KSA, Dip. CBST

Indy the CoyoTAY!, Belgian Malinois (left)

Aidan the Golden Cur CGC, Welsh Springer mix (right)


Robin McHale Ehn; CPDT-KSA, Dip. CBST

internationally Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge and Skills Assessed

Diploma Canine Behavior and Science Technology with Honors

has been the areas first

'All Clicker All The Time' trainer

since 1996


Do you need HELP?!?!

Is some of your dogs behavior driving you crazy?

I CAN help!!


Call or e-mail today!!






Behavior Modification

All types of problems.




Check out our newest classes!!


If your dog has a nose and you are looking for something FUN to with your dog, then this is IT!!!

Dogs of all breeds, ages and sizes LOVE using their talented nose!! Even reactive dogs can participate!


ScentsAbility 1; The art of the Sniff!  (POSTPONED)

ScentsAbility 2; The art of the Blind Hide

ScentsAbility 3; Out of the Box!

ScentsAbility 4; The Auto Nose



Are you looking for something FUN to with your dog? Then this is IT!!!

Dogs of all breeds, ages and sizes can participate in the game of ball herding!


Treibball 1; The art of Ball Herding for your dog!  (POSTPONED)

Treibball 2; The art of Distance Control!

Treibball 3; In the Field



Maybe you are interested in:

Learning more about the reasons clicker training works?

This video taped workshop will answer many questions:

 The Why of Clicker

There are a limited number of DVD's that were taped at the live presentation available for purchase. Please see the Workshops page for more info.


How about attending a FUN workshop with your dog where you both learn a new skill?

Three new workshops will be starting soon;

Targeting 101 (Nose and Feet)

Targeting 102 (Body and Eyes)

Targeting 103 (Retrieve!)

Want to learn more about these exciting workshops?


Are you thinking of getting a new dog? Our new service may be just what you need:

New dog evaluation.

Thinking about adding a new member to your family? Robin can help you make the decision if that furry beauty that has caught your eye will fit in with your family or help with the preliminary introduction of your current dog to the new dog.


Does your dog:

Bark? Chew? Ignore your calls? Pull you on walks? Positive and effective clicker training can help your dog understand what behaviors you WANT!

If your dog is young or old, deaf or blind, or you've been told your dog is hyper or stubborn;

clicker training can help him become the companion you dream of.

Dogs with aggression problems can be helped by using a positive behavior modification program.

Utilizing the following programs Robin can help with all of these things and more.


Training by the Trainer

Robin will come to your home and train your dog.



Learn a fun new skill to use in everyday life!


Private in-your-home sessions

Robin will teach you how to train your dog.



Call or e-mail for more information:





Redding to Red Bluff, Shasta Lake to Shingletown and surrounding areas, California.



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Robin McHale Ehn; CPDT-KSA has an ongoing relationship with our local shelter, Haven Humane Society.


Dr. Ray John, former CEO of Haven Humane Society, accepting a donation for a referral from Robin McHale Ehn; CPDT-KSA, owner of Celtic Cur Behavior & Training




Dedicated to Honker Hollows Stormní Kisses; CGC the teacher who came with beautiful brown eyes, a warm heart and showed me a better way,

Clicker Training!



Celtic Cur Behavior & Training is owned by:

Robin McHale Ehn; CPDT-KSA (internationally Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge and Skills Assessed)

(530) 347-3110                              Robin@CelticCurBehavior.com