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You LOVE your dog…

But your dog has a behavior problem that leaves you feeling:






Don’t despair! You are NOT alone! There is a solution!

This letter from a former client may give you hope!

 “ I felt helpless to solve our problem.  My dog sometimes reacted and lunged at other dogs, and I had no idea how to handle it or stop it.  What seemed to make sense to me didn’t work. I could not relax and enjoy being with my dog if we were anywhere but home – I was always on edge, watching for other dogs and trying to shield him from them, or keep him out of situations in which he would react.  Which is difficult since I compete in canine sports!  I spent much of my time on guard and on edge.

Then my friend told me about Robin.

I learned that my dog wasn’t ‘bad’, or ‘broken’, or ‘just like that’ – that I could turn it around and change the behavior that was happening. That I could be a far more confident, capable handler once I learned how to read my dogs body language, and how to teach him to behave differently.

And I discovered that all of this could be achieved without home visits from Caesar Milan at thousands of dollars!  In other words – real help wasn’t a dream – it was a reality that I could afford.

 Best of all?  That my trainer, Robin, didn’t just give me a handout and say go practice – she went places with me until I was comfortable going on my own.  She showed me how to handle situations and how to handle my dog.  My dog and I gained confidence and relaxed – a priceless gift!!”


Jennifer P and Kody (Golden Retriever client) and his new sister, Kylie. Redding, CA


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Dedicated to Honker Hollows Stormn’ Kisses; CGC

the teacher who came with beautiful brown eyes, a warm heart and showed me a better way,

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Celtic Cur Behavior & Training is owned by:

Robin McHale Ehn; CPDT-KSA (Internationally Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge and Skills Assessed)

(530) 515-5743                              Robin@CelticCurBehavior.com



Prices begin at $55.00 per session.

Price, session length and number of sessions per week varies by contract agreement.

Full Service Area is broken into 7 zones.

Extended Service Area fees may apply in addition to contractual session fees.

Intervals between Problem Behavior Change sessions are at Consultants discretion. 

All sessions must be used by:

# of sessions scheduled X 3; i.e. 5 sessions X 3 = 15 weeks maxium to complete the 5 sessions.

Sessions lasting over the scheduled time will be charged at a rate of $40 per 15 minutes.

No Cancellations.

Client will be billed at the normal session fee for any “no shows”.

Extra fee of $20 applies for all sessions that include a ‘Helper’.  

Extra Service Area fee may apply to any Field Trips provided.